All of the Best Toys

We offer the finest equipment for making fine, small-batch wines:

  • 50+ jacketed, cooled tanks from 3–10 tons (open-top and closed-top)
  • 4-ton and 8-ton Europresses
  • 5-ton Bucher Vaslin JLB 20 automatic basket press
  • 2-ton Carlsen basket press
  • Rotovib destemmer with roller sorters
  • Pre and post destem sorting tables
  • Central glycol system for cooling tanks and barrel rooms
  • TankNet controls
  • Portable Fire and Ice units for cooling and heating tanks
  • 4 temperature- and humidity-controlled barrel rooms
  • Warm room for finishing primary and/or ML
  • Bucher Vaslin cross-flow filter
  • Proprietary web-based software for scheduling all processing, wine work and inventory management
  • Tasting room